Assistance League National is a national nonprofit organization with 22,000 volunteers and 120 chapters. It has served 1.5M people, donated 3.0M volunteer hours, and returned $43.7M to local communities.

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Assisteens® Auxiliary

Caring and Commitment in Action

through community based philanthropic programs


Assisteens is made up of young high school students who volunteer at least 40 hours each year in service to Assistance League and the community of Downey.  The Assisteens support our local chapter in various ways.  They select and purchase evening gowns and accessories for Glamour Gowns that are made available to young high school girls wishing to attend their school formal dances.  They purchase and wrap Christmas gifts as part of Christmas Distribution, which are distributed to over 12 organizations such as nursing homes and shelters.  They also purchase and package items to make Hygiene Kits for the children they assist in support of Operation School Bell® each year.  These young volunteers support StoryTime Festival by painting the faces of the children that attend the event.  In addition, they attend the Christmas Tree Brunch each year where they help in numerous ways.  The Assisteens staff the Second Tyme Around Thrift Shoppe once a month, and contribute to Housing of Medical Emergencies (H.O.M.E.) with seasonal gifts.

The Assisteens Board members prepare and conduct their meetings and committee chairmen work with their committees to implement the many programs.  Participation and attendance at meetings is very important. Another important part of Assisteens is the training that members receive through public speaking while learning organizational skills and time management. They learn appropriate social graces, manners and dress. They learn the importance of being on time, responding to invitations and sending thank you notes.

The Assisteens learn much about their community and themselves as they dedicate their time in these activities, and in many cases they continue this interest in philanthropic work when they leave high school.

glamourgownsGLAMOUR GOWNS
The Assisteens developed Glamour Gowns to provide high school students with the attire needed for school formals. The Assisteens fund and purchase dresses that are displayed in their boutique at the chapter house for guest to peruse and select the exact gown they wish to wear to their special evening dance.



With funds from chapter and Assisteens, they purchase and wrap holiday gifts for distribution to senior and convalescent centers and they assemble a knapsack of special items that include journals, sketch pads, school notebook filled with the necessities for school, hygiene kits and more for teens that have been abruptly brought to shelters.


Assisteens assist the children receiving school clothing and they provide each child with a gift a hygiene kit at the end of their shopping experience.



The Assisteens work with the Gypsy Auxiliary by reading stories to the children. Then the children can get a spot at the Assisteens face painting tables where they choose from many designs such as a butterfly or spider web.



This program is required of all Junior and Senior Assisteens. On this day they will spend over five hours learning interviewing skills, organizational skills, etiquette, self-defense and much more.



Each year the Assisteens of Downey prepare for their biggest event: The Spring Tea and Fashion Show. This event is not only fun but also one of our most prosperous fundraisers. The money raised goes directly to funding their philanthropic programs.

The Spring Tea and Fashion Show is also the time to showcase the Senior Assisteens in their tuxes and gowns from fashionthe Iridescent Ball, and to introduce and welcome their newest members to Assisteens.

The Assisteens help plan and host this event from choosing the theme, designing the invitations, and serving their guests. The Tea helps the Assisteens learn how to prepare such a major event.


As part of their required volunteer hours, all Assisteens are scheduled throughout the year to support the thrift shop on a specific Saturday of each month. Assisteens will assist customers, ring up sales, help with inventory and occasionally shop for themselves.



Assisteens also support the following programs:

Garden Days at Housing of Medical Emergencies (H.O.M.E.)
Garden Day at the Chapter House
Hug-A-Bear delivery
Craft Hour gifts for H.O.M.E.
Christmas Cards to the Troops
Caroling at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center
Downey Rose Parade Float Decoration
National Assistance League Book Fair Distribution

If you or your child would like to find out more about this great opportunity please visit our Membership & Auxiliaries page. We start accepting applications for young men and women entering 9th or 10th grade each year from January 1st through March 31st. For a little more information, please read the following regarding general requirements.


Assisteens® auxiliary shall function under the provisions stated in National Assistance League chapter bylaws and Assisteens Policies.

A total of forty hours of Assistance League and community service shall be required from each Active and Provisional member, through the Assisteens Auxiliary, each year. A 10th grade Provisional member will be required to do four years of hours in three years, totaling 160 hours. Regular attendance is required at auxiliary meetings. If a member is going to be absent, they must notify a coordinator. Regular Assisteens auxiliary meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the first Monday of each month during the school year at the chapter House. Board meetings are held 45 minutes prior to scheduled meeting time.

Following an absence a member must fulfill an hour’s requirement equal to that of the required activity that he/she has missed.

After two unexcused absences, a member MUST write a note of explanation to the coordinator. After three unexcused absences they will be put on probation for three months. After that time their eligibility will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and Chapter Auxiliary Relations (CAR).

Each Active and Provisional member shall be required to work five hours one Saturday each year in the chapter’s Thrift Shop, two hours at Story Time Festival, two hours at Garden Day each year, and two hours at car wash, support the Tea, support the business card fundraisers. Each Active and Provisional member shall be required to work four hours at the Christmas Distribution, and five hours at the Spring Tea each year. Each Active and Provisional member shall be required to work 2 hours at the chapter’s Christmas Tree Brunch. Each Active and Provisional member shall be required to spend one hour at Rancho Los Amigos NRC for Christmas Caroling.

Each Junior and Senior shall attend Self-Improvement Day both the years as mandated by the National Assistance League. They will be required to receive 10 hours of self-improvement to graduate.